Bespoke Skylight & Glazing Solutions

The Lumen Conservation Extra Light gives you the freedom to open up your roof space without the constraints of standard sizes.

We can manufacture to suit your design and offer the flexibility to work with you to achieve your requirements. For dimensions smaller than 2900mm wide or 2800mm high, we can manufacture the rooflight with a single outer frame. For larger sizes we would use our Lumen link system whereby a rooflight is manufactured to your overall dimensions using multiple frames to provide a virtually seamless row of rooflights.

Unlike the linking of the Lumen conservation rooflight standard sizes, this interlocking design considerably reduces the amount of visible steel between each casement and increases the amount of light and ventilation. Casements can be opening or fixed, have multiple or no glazing bars* and as with all our standard range, can be operated either with our hand mechanisms or electrically. *within manufacturing tolerances.

When considering how your rooflight should look, it is worth noting that fixed rooflights offer more glass than those with opening casements. If you choose non-opening roof windows you can usually have larger panes of glass or have them divided by slim (35mm) glazing bars. With opening rooflights, the frame needs to have additional metalwork to support the casement. Although this is still fairly thin you would typically have around 80mm of framework between opening and/or fixed casements. You then need to factor in the framework of the casement.

With a fixed roof window you would only frame your roof to the overall rafter dimensions. When you have opening casements within a bespoke skylight, it is necessary to have additional supporting rafters each side to support the metalwork.


We like to provide accurate prices specific to each individual enquiry. We don't have a one size fits all approach to our bespoke Lumen rooflights and so it can take up to 24 hours to provide you with a quotation.

Our team will discuss your design requirements with you before putting a written quotation together. There are many options to consider from the number of opening or fixed casements, glazing specification, paint colour and manual or electric mechanisms. Your quotation can be sent via email, first class post or both if required.
We would usually give you a call a couple of days later to check that the information has been received and to ask whether any further details are needed. You will not be under any obligation to accept a quotation and we will not hassle you to do so. We are available to answer any questions or give advice.

Should you decide to proceed with a quotation for a bespoke Lumen rooflight, we would require your instruction to proceed along with a 50% deposit. We will then write to confirm the order and instruct our design team to produce a visual drawing for you. This process can take up to 10 days. When the drawing is prepared we will contact you and email or post a copy for you to review or discuss with your builder or planning department. Once you are happy that the drawing exactly matches your requirements, we will need your written approval (usually via email) at which point we shall proceed to the manufacturing stage. If something is not correct, tell us and we will amend the information and re-issue the drawing.

The manufacturing process usually takes approximately 6 weeks. Around one week before delivery we will contact you to discuss a suitable delivery date and to take the balance payment. Once this has been received we shall arrange the transportation to your site. Your drawing will show you exactly how big your bespoke Lumen rooflight will be. Please ensure that you have adequate facilities on site to unload your delivery. Likewise, please tell us of any restrictions or difficulties that may occur during the delivery process. Most deliveries will be supplied on a vehicle with a tail lift facility however, this may not be possible for large rooflights. Your invoice and drawings will give you an exact description of what your rooflight will look like, its size and the weight. If your rooflight is large it might be necessary for you to arrange equipment to unload the delivery vehicle and lift the rooflight into position.

Once safely delivered and installed your bespoke Lumen rooflight will be protected by the same guarantee as our stock range of Lumen conservation rooflights. Full details are available on our download page.

To view a selection of recent bespoke projects, please click on the blue bars below.

Please note that we are not able to accept returns of products that have been adapted to customer requirements. In addition we cannot refund delivery charges, bespoke and fixed rooflights, electric actuators and flashing kits. We apply a 40% restocking charge to all other items so please ensure that you chose the right size to avoid further costs.

Lumen Bespoke Rooflights

Lumen Bespoke Rooflights

Lumen Rooflight Maintenance

Industrial coatings are no different to the paint on your car - they need cleaning and maintaining

The powder coat to the roof light protects the metal underneath.
If you are unable to adhere to the maintenance guidelines we recommend that you speak to us about using stainless steel.

Cleaning & Maintenance
Cleaning & Maintenance Guide


Please note that all of our blinds, flashing kits, electric actuators and bespoke rooflights are manufactured at the point of order and are deemed to be special (bespoke) items. Bespoke items are non-refundable so it is important that you choose the right products when you order. If you are unsure or have questions, please contact us via phone, email or live chat to ensure that the product you are buying is right.

In addition we take a 50% deposit on bespoke rooflight orders. Due to the work involved in producing these items, all deposits are non-refundable.

Please refer to our current terms & conditions for full details. By placing an order with us, it will be deemed that you accept our terms & conditions.

In addition is should also be noted that whilst we are able to offer bespoke rooflights to any RAL colour, the silicones, tapes and rubbers will always be black.

Bespoke Lumen Rooflight
Bespoke Skylight With Fixed And Opening
Large Fixed Roof Light
Lumen Bespoke Sky Light
Lumen Fixed Shut Bespoke
Rooflight Double Opening With Struts
Special Sized Skylight With electric Mechanism
Bespoke Lumen Planus Flat Skylight With Gas Struts
Fixed Bespke Lumen Rooflight With Adapted Oak Liner
Large Bespoke Lumen Rooflight With Fixed Casement
Lumen Conservation Rooflight Smoke Vent For Pitch Roof
Lumen Multi Casement Bespoke With Electric Actuator
Pilkington Self Cleaning Glass CE Compliance

All of these bespoke projects were produced with the following specification:
3mm zintec steel frame and casement (where required)
Polyester powder coat textured paint finish to RAL9005 matt black
American oak interior liners
24mm double glazed units comprised of toughened Pilkington Activ self clean, argon gas and toughened Pilkington Optitherm.