The EVO range of Lumen rooflights offer a contemporary glazing solution

We have launched our stunning new EVO range of rooflights in response to demand for a high quality British made product with cutting edge contemporary design.

The thinking behind the Lumen EVO is to offer our customers larger clear viewable sizes uncluttered by cill mounted actuators or handles. Real wood internal linings abut high performance glazing to give a clean uninterrupted view and ventilation at the touch of a button.

You can view our EVO rooflight and skylight range here

The Lumen EVO range offers additional security benefits

When it comes to roof glazing security can often be overlooked in favour of design features. Our Lumen EVO range of rooflights combines both a large uninterrupted viewable area with additional security features to help deter unwanted access. Our smallest opening EVO1 rooflight has a purpose designed shoot-bolt locking system that locks the opening casement to the base section when closed. Our larger EVO rooflights are electrically operated with side mounted twin chain drives that cannot be pulled open from the outside.

Our EVO range only uses Pilkington glazing that consists of two pieces of 6mm toughened glass. Whilst we have considered edge to edge glazing we felt that more security is offered by using a capping section that not only protects the vulnerable area where the glass meets the frame but also covers the hinge bolts to stop access being gained from the top. The EVO range does not have the genuine glazing bar offered by our Conservation rooflight range and therefore it is essential that any would be intruder cannot quickly cut out or remove the glazing to gain access through the casement of an installed rooflight. Our units are held by a high performance security glazing tape, silicone sealed voids and edging and then protected by the capping which is fitted using a 3M high strength bonding tape.

Our capping section also forms an important part of our airflow system which aids the trickle vent. Rather than having holes in the external framework which are directly below a plastic internal vent cover, we have designed a series of channels for the air to flow through from outside to a purpose designed trickle vent with insect mesh. The Lumen EVO airflow system combined with the metal vent cover in matching powder coat finish, ensures that even on very windy days, the air flows through rather than blasting into your room.

Our Lumen EVO range is manufactured and finished entirely in the UK. Our high specification of glazing is supplied by Pilkington and each American ash interior liner is individually hand crafted by our carpenter. The three coat paint system in an attractive metallic dark grey ensures a long life, even in coastal locations.

The opening version of our Lumen EVO skylight utilises German manufactured actuators. With a particularly compact design and high efficiency, the drives require only a small amount of space for mounting position. High quality materials and diligent engineering facilitates a reliable and unobtrusive system aiding panoramic views..

The Lumen EVO skylight is not a mass produced, off the shelf product and each rooflight is manufactured when you place your order. We offer a range of four pre-determined sizes to help reduce the manufacturing times but we can also offer bespoke sizes to your individual requirements.